Goffin & King Foundation - Iso Booth Quarantine Cover Contest

The Goffin & King Foundation announced on April 29th,  Iso Booth: Goffin & King Foundation Quarantine Cover Contest, an online-only series for musicians to arrange, record and submit their own songs from the mind-boggling Goffin & King catalog.  In partnership with the launch of the foundation's new virtual community - The GKF Songwriter Lounge on Facebook - the contest  allows creatives to put their own spin on classics. 

The contest ended May 22 and the winners have been announced!  

Carole said "I'm so impressed by these talented young songwriters who came up with a variety of imaginative interpretations of songs from The Goffin & KIng Foundation catalog that Gerry and I wrote so long ago.  Thank you, songwriters!"

For details and your listening pleasure, please visit The Goffin & King Foundation or their Facebook page at The Goffin & King Foundation

The Goffin & King Foundation is an educational registered not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to empowering songwriters.  Their mission is to honor and preserve the legacy of Goffin & King through providing educational  opportunities for songwriters, performers and musicians, inspiring excellence in the field of music by encouraging each and everyone's potential, irrespective of ethnicity, income or age.