October 2018

Carole King has returned to the studio where she made Tapestry in 1971 to record “One (2018)" as a message for the midterm elections.  Carole, in her first new recording since 2011, was inspired to re-write the lyrics to her song “One” (originally on her 1977 album 'Simple Things') to reflect her dream for America on November 7th:  “Love won.”

Broadway celebrated the 2000th performance of "Beautiful: the Carole King Musical" on Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018, and there sure was some magic in the air!


More than two decades ago, Carole King and Elvis Costello kept bumping into each in a Manhattan restaurant sharing interests, music and food.  Their meetings developed into a friendship and collaboration of a song "Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter" which has up to now, only existed as a demo, although Costello performed it live on several occasions.