Carole on 60 Minutes Australia

Carole appeared on 60 Minutes Australia Sunday, Novemeber 18.  She was interviewed by Charles Wooley.

CHARLES WOOLEY: I’ve never said this at the beginning of an interview, but your achievements are so prodigious I really don’t know where to start.

CAROLE: Well, pick one. Thank you, by the way.

CHARLES WOOLEY: Okay, let me name some songs. ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow?’, ‘Locomotion’, ‘One Fine Day’, ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, ‘You’ve Got a Friend’, ‘I Feel the Earth Move’, and that’s just the tip, just the tip of the Carole King iceberg.

CAROLE: Well, I’ve lived. This year I’ve turned 70, and in all that time - I’ve been writing songs, and the lucky thing for me is that people like them, but that’s why there’s so many of them. 

View video and full transcript here.