Carole King and Gary Burr


Well, it's out of my hands
What can I do
I'll have to start living without you
It isn't that bad
I'm a little bit blue
It's gonna get worse before it's through

I'll be fine, nothing but time can save me
I'll get by on my own

Don't you worry if you see me crying
'Cause I'm really trying hard to hold together
Don't you worry, though it feels like I'm dying
I'll be better soon enough
It's just a touch of love

Well, it's all in my heart
I've been out of my head
I get up and go right back to bed
I'm hanging on tight
To a pretty small thread
With a little more heartache dead ahead

Why, oh, why didn't I see it coming
I'll get by on my own

Here you are, wanting to cure what ails me
It's a fragile heart .. leave it alone

� 1997 Lushmole Music (BMI), Gary Burr Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

Lyrics courtesy of Lushmole Music.