Carole King


Poetry in motion
I like the way you move
Silky, sleek and smooth in the sunlight
Come on, you can trust me now
It's gonna be all right
Take it easy, we've got all day and all night

Poetry in motion
A living, breathing fantasy
I could fall so easily with no reason or rhyme
Now I've got the notion
I'll pursue it faithfully
I know you'll be close to me
In a matter of time

My imagination is running free and wild
I feel just like a child
With a new friend
You burn with a lyrical fire
Can't you feel the strong connection
Keep on moving, keep on moving in my direction

Poetry in motion
Underneath the open sky
Oh, the places you could fly if you let yourself go
You fill me with emotion
Can't express the way I feel
Watching you so warm and real
You're all I need to know

Ooh, sleek and silky
Warm and earthy, sheer poetry
Ooh, you're a fantasy
And it's no mystery, you're sheer poetry

� 1985 Elorac Music (ASCAP), Golden Torch Music Corporation (ASCAP)

Lyrics courtesy of Elorac Music.