Carole King and Joe Walsh


Sometimes I think of how it used to be
Living in the moment, completely free
An endless party monster with an attitude
If I wasn't having fun you could read my mood
I was upset
'Cause I wasn't done yet

How did I get here, it's different now
Living inside of what the rules allow
Every day brings more things to do
I cross them off but I never get through
Without a sweat
I'm not done yet
What you give is what you get
And I'm not done yet

Trying to figure out if I should heed the call
Seems to me it's A or B, either side of the wall
Riding high, riding tall, riding for a fall
You got to give it up if you want to have it all
I want to have it all

These days I think of how it's got to be
Knowing all the things I want it not to be
Trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do
All I know is I'm supposed to be with you
And you can bet
I'm not done yet
Are we having fun yet
'Cause I'm not done yet
If I don't look well
Take me to the vet
Dry me off when I'm wet
'Cause I'm not done yet

� 2002 Lushmole Music (BMI), Wow & Flutter Music (ASCAP)

Lyrics courtesy of Lushmole Music.