Carole King and A. E. Hotchner


It's a little word you may have heard
A little word of mine
Sweeter than the honey rose
That grows upon the vine
It's as small a word as a humming bird
But bigger than the sky
Soaring up into the clouds
It teaches us to fly

The word is hope
Light as air, you don't care
You can cope if you have�hope
You may be down
Things are bleak, you can't speak
Don't you frown, you'll come around
'Cause there is hope

Hope is a big balloon
That'll carry you up to the moon
Lift up your chin, it's easy to grin
Only a dope would not have hope

Hope is a thing with feathers
Hope is a ray of sun
Hope doesn't mind bad weather
Hope means you've just begun
A word that's small, binds us all
You won't fall, catch the rope
And you can be all you want to be
With hope� with hope� with hope� with hope!

� 1998 Lushmole Music (BMI), Notable Music (ASCAP)

Lyrics courtesy of Lushmole Music.