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Welcome Home


Carole King: Vocals, Backing Vocals, String Arrangement


Robert McEntee: Guitars, Vocals
Mark Hallman: Guitars, Vocals
Rob Galloway: Bass, Vocals
Michael Wooten: Drums (Thanks to Joe Pollard for use of his SynDrums)
Miguel Rivera: Congas, Percussion
Richard Hardy: Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Vocals

George Bohanon: Trombone, Horn Arrangement
Dick "Slyde" Hyde: Trombone
Ernie Watts: Saxophone
Nolan Andrew Smith, Jr.: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Oscar Brashear: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
Charles Veal, Jr.: Concertmaster, Violin
Israel Baker: Violin
Frank Foster: Violin
William H. Henderson: Violin
Marcia Van Dyke: Violin
Dorothy Wade: Violin
John Wittenberg: Violin
Kenneth Yerke: Violin
Rollice Dale: Viola
Denyse Buffum: Viola
Dennis Karmazyn: Cello
Ronald Cooper: Cello
The Trio on "Changes" was played by: Charles Veal, Rollice Dale, and Dennis Karmazyn
Bob Harrington: Hammer Dulcimer
Anne Golia: Tamboura
Georgia Kelly: Harp
Rick Evers: Cowbell
Carole King, Mark Hallman, Robert McEntee, Richard Hardy, Stephanie Spruill, Alexandra Brown, & Ann White: Choir

Carole King & Norm Kinney: Producers
Norm Kinney, Linda Tyler, & Steve Katz: Engineers

Roy Reynolds: Photography
Roy Reynolds and Roy Kohara: Art Direction
Logos: Avatar, Capital Records and EMI

Recorded at: Sound Labs, Inc., Hollywood, California, January, 1978

© 1978 Capitol Records, Inc.

Manufactured by: Capitol Records, Inc., A Subsidiary of Capitol Industries, EMI, Inc.