Rhythm Safari

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Carole King: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Teddy Andreadis: Keyboards, Piano, Harmonica, & Backing Vocals
Bill Mason: Additional Keyboards
Rudy Guess: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Slash: Lead Guitar
Danny Pelfrey: Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, & Backing Vocals
John Humphrey: Bass
Jerry Angel: Drums
Brie Howard Darling: Percussion and Backing Vocals
Sherry Goffin: Backing Vocals
Linda Lawley: Backing Vocals
Voices of Jubilation: Choir
David Crosby & Graham Nash: Guest vocalists on "You've Got A Friend" Bonus Track

Rudy Guess: Producer
Bobby Summerfield: Mixing
Hilton Rosenthal: Executive Producer
Bernie Grundman: Mastering
Legal Representative: Emily Simon
Manager Label Operations: Magda Summerfield
Project Coordinator: Lorna Guess
Production Coordinator: Ivy Skoff

Larry Vigon: Art Direction
Brian Jackson: Design
Catherine Wessel: Photography


Joe Cardosi and Tim Bernett: Tour Managers
Lorna Guess: Assistant to Carole King
Graham Holmes and John Vanderslice: Production Managers
Chris Rankin: House Sound Engineer
Ron Reeves and Bernie Bernil: Monitor Engineers
Mike Ponczek and Jonathan Parke: Audio Technicians
Rob Zablow: Lighting Designer
Dennis Connors: Lighting Director
Sean Harvey and Jerry Swatek: Lighting Technicians
Alex Axotis: Lighting Operator
Danny de la Luz: Drum Technician
Jage Jackson, John Gonzales and Damen Kellihar: Guitar Technicians
Robbie Eagle and Scott Pinkerton: Keyboard Technicians
John Bennett: Head of Security
Beth O'Bryan: Wardrobe
Dale Lee, Dave Walters, Joe Folke, Bob Bodiglari: Bus Drivers
David Sutherland, Kenny Rich, Randy Johnson: Truck Drivers
Jaime Lennox: Alliance For The Wild Rockies Representative
Ira Koslow: Manager, Peter Asher Management
Brigette Barr: Project Coordinator, Peter Asher Management
Nick Ben-Meir: Business Manager
Dan Weiner: Booking Agent, Monterey Peninsula Artists
Showco, Inc.: Sound Company
National Audio: Sound Company
Upstaging, Custom Coach West Busing: Trucking and Lighting
Ego Trips: Busing

Thanks to Design FX Equipment Rental for their excellent service.


Universal Ampitheatre - Los Angeles

Le Mobile

Guy Charbonneau: Recording Engineer

Dr. Dave Gallo: Stage Engineer

Charlie Bovis: Tape Operator

Eastman Theatre - Rochester, NY

Proctor's Theatre - Schenectady, NY

Bushnell Auditorium - Hartford, CT

Remote Recording Services, Inc.

David Hewitt: Recording Engineer

John McClintock: Stage Engineer

Phil Gitomer: Tape Operator

Plus 4 Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Bobby Summerfield: Post-Production and Mix Engineer

Thanks to Bruce at Coast Recording

Matching songbook available from Warner Bros. Publications,

Logos: Rhythm Safari

David Crosby & Graham Nash appear courtesy of Atlantic Records

Slash appears courtesy of Geffen Records, Inc.

P & © 1994 Carole King Productions/Rhythm Safari Records

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